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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the bottom line at the top of the hour, get ready for a nice hot day. marty is in the first warning weather from center. >> it's going to be 4 degrees off of yesterday's starting mark. by lunch, back to 88 going to a high of 91. 88, still quite toasty this monday evening. the weather elsewhere is making head lines this morning. beryl is causing big problems for memorial day events to our south. our coverage continues this morning with susanne mcbegin anies reporting. >> tropical storm beryl drops rain on jacksonville, florida. 70 mile an hour winds knocked
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out power for 20,0 oh -- 20,000 people. memorial day events were canceled. >> it has a poe tonal to produce -- potential to produce localized flooding, downed trees and power lines. >> thunderstorms rolled through washington dc sunday night forcing the cancellation of the memorial day concert. about half way into the show concert goers were advised to leave and seek shelter. in the midwest heat is dominating the holiday weekend. chicago hit a record 98, st. louis missouri, reached 93. forecasters expect a gradual cooling but before that happens thousands of people in the southeast will have a wet and windy memorial day.
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>> stay with wjz for complete first warning coverage. remember wjz is always on for update up -- updates on the forecast any time go to this morning maryland natural resources police are searching for a missing better. the crash happened late last night. a boat crashed into a concrete jetty injurying three people. they're still looking for one person. the cause of the accident remains under investigation as well. a man is dead and a woman in the hospital after a stand off with í police -- police. police say a man struck his girlfriend in the head using his handgun and the gun went off. it's unclear whether the woman has a gunshot wound. she was taken to shock trauma. the man refused to surrender to police and later took his own life. the city police commissioner
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sub spends two officers on the spot -- suspends two officers on the shot. he observed two city officers drinking alcohol. they were off duty but were dressed in a partial uniform or had their guns displayed. two armed robers burst into a home shooting a man and stabbing his girlfriend. we're live outside shock trauma. good morning, mike. >> reporter: there were four people inside of that home. eyewitness news spoke with one of them who gave us her frightening story. >> it's pain. it's hurting, bad. i'm scared to death. sgltsz it's been traumatic for this woman sharon. she asked us not to reveal her last name. she was visiting her daughter's house when two men busted through the back door shouting. >> baltimore city police, and came running up the steps with a
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gun on me and her. the one -- behind him had the knife. >> the robsers stabbed her 28-year-old daughter and shot her 30-year-old boyfriend justin. the robsers kept asking where's the money and demanded their cell phones. >> i hurried up and called 911. the kwun one with the knife -- the one with the knife saw me and lunged at me. my daughter got in between us. i think that's how she got stabbed. >> neighbors reported seeing the suspects run out of the house and down the alley to a get away car. she can only describe them as tall, thin african american men. >> all dressed in to black with a bandanna. >> this happened in an area packed with little kids. sglsdz it maces -- >> it makes you worry for the safety of your children. >> it makes me think twice. >> i want them caught so they don't do it to nobody else. >> reporter: the man who is
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shot was brought here the to shock trauma in critical condition. the woman with the stab wound was taken to bay view hospital where she's in stable condition. >> the couple has a young daughter but she was staying with another relative at the time of that home invasion. the united nations is blaming the syria government for the death of dozens of civilians over the weekend. more than a hundred part-time were killed on -- hundred people were killed on friday. many of them children under the anal -- age of 10. they are calling it an out ray just use of force. >> the british government and across the international community we've sickened by what we've seen and the deaths of more than 100 unarmed men, women and children. >> syria denies its forces are responsible for the bloodshed. in washington dc on a
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national tv governor martin o'malley answers questions about a run for the presidency. >> a lot of buzz about you running for president any objection go around. what advice might you give governor ohhally on running for president. >> raise a lot of money. >> i haven't thought that far. i'm doing everything in any power to help elect democrats. >> he talked about the upcoming election. the host would focus -- focuses attention again. the or yells head north of -- oriels head north of the border looking to regroup after a disappointing weekend with the royals. the series was tied up going into game 3 yesterday afternoon. the score was highed before the royals added more to
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win 4-2. they begin a three game series with toronto tonight. there was news that adam jones had signed a historic contract to remain with the oriels. more on the impact of the richest deal in team history. >> for 5 years adam jones has been an oriels rising star. now he has a pay raise to go with it. a 6 year contract extension worth more than $85 million. adam jones talks about becoming the highest paid oriole in franchise history a distinction he earns after earning all star credibility. >> there's a bigger goal. that's win ning games. that's the ultimate reason why i signed on. i believe in what they're doing here and what they believe in. they believe in winning.
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>> we're telling oriels fans we're committed to this player, committed to putting a winner team on the field -- winning team on the field and committed to providing hope to rebuilding our fan base. sgltsz on the field as -- >> on the field as a player and off the feel he talked about his bigger goals. >> i want to make a mark that's going to play hard every day on the field but in the community he's going to give his 100% to try to make a difference. >> it's been a long time coming. the excitement is back in my household where we're all oriels fans. we brought 10 people down here today. we're excited jones is back. that's great. >> adam jones cashes in. now the oriels hope to follow up that investment with a winning season, something they haven't had in 15 years. >> jones becomes the sengd second -- second highest paid center
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fielder. the thunder trail the spurs by where you know game. the spurs hosted game 1 last night. gary neil helped spark an 18-3 run for the spurs. san antonio won the game 101-98. game 2 is tomorrow. daryl franchene is celebrating a big victory in the indianapolis 500. >> he's going to join an elite group as he's going to become three time winner at indianapolis. >> the race ended under a caution flag. actress ashley jud was on hand per her husband's third win. in a very, very hot day in indianapolis, indiana, he decided to cool off with a shower. >> there you go. 9 #00 days from
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-- 90 days from now they're going to be in baelt mother. it's in-- baltimore. it's incredible watching the 500 thinking we have one of those races. ours is a road course in a different discipline, this is more of an engineering feet. the road course like baltimore just listening to the competitors is skill of driving the car left right, down, short and long straight aways. these guys are going to be here in 90 days. it's a big deal. i happened to be at a couple different events last year and watched him in action. he gave everybody his time. wonnederful to fall -- wonderful to all, >> good. let's take a look at forecast. a high of 91, partly sunny, hot and humid. no thunderstorms in this's
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a clear morning. ron, it feels good out there, don't it? >> reporter: the temperature on the track yesterday at indy was 130. >> yeah. >> let's add something. now you're sitting in the cockpit of that car basically with an engine about a few inches from your back and a how hot do you think it is inside that car? no sar coming in there -- air is coming in there at all. >> reporter: i heard one of the drivers, i forgot which one, says his boot was belting. >> on the accelerator me dal. that's hot . >> they are are at --@looets. >> reporter: yes , they are. we have a great group for manic monday as we welcome the cameron foundation when the eyewitness
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onion head , one of the great circus clowns. frankly the wind are calm. that are in thurms on the -- numbers on the computer. the center of the state and moving on the eastern shore 71 elkin, 71 easton, 71 dc, 72 at the ocean, almost 70 westminster, bel air and columbia. we had those tomorrows move through -- thunderstorms move through last
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night. tomorrow we're going to see thunderstorms as a cold front comes through the area, gets offshore and throws a block on beryl. it's going to follow the same path as alberto. the storm will be kept frankly off the coast and rout to sea. the computer -- out to see. the computer models are going to line up with that. we'll see some waive action along the store, -- shore, but that should be about it. 91 today. 69 tonight. dinner time temperature still in the upper 80s. 89 tomorrow, wachl for thunderstorms in the afternoon. 88 on wednesday. a nice breeze comes up. thursday 80, friday 75 and 76. i think
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we'll add some showers friday night into morning. now to manic monday. >> ♪ it's another manic monday. i wish it was sunday. that's my fun day. ♪ . >> ron, during the break don says remember we don't have traffic. as i'm doing the five day a voice in my mind says i'm on the other side of the studio, it's time for manic monday. then i realized we have the open. >> good broadcasting. >> reporter: i can see that now. >> i'm telling you. >> reporter: you guys doing all right? glsz yeah. >> yeah. >> >> reporter: it's memorial day. we salute our men and woman who fought for us. thanksfor making it possible -- thanks for making it possible for us to do things like this. manic monday, memorial day 20th 20 -- 2012
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with the cameron lambert foundation. >> thanks for having us this morning. >> reporter: it's great to voluntary you. we that -- it's great to have you. tell us about the foundation >> the main thing that we do is give out nursing scholarships through out the state of maryland. we're here today -- one of our big fundraisers for the scholarship fund is our first annual miniature golf tourn. that's coming -- tournament that's coming up on june 17th. one of the unique things that our scholarship does is we allow the award winners from the years past to return and dip into cameron's cookie jar, which is kind of empty. this is a fun for returning students so they can continue their education. all the money
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raised in the month of june is going to into cameron's cooky jar. thank you very much. >> thank you . >> reporter: we got o's fans in the house. we got our crew here. we got guests. by the way, i should mention this coming weekend ride across maryland. it's that time. >> yeah . >> reporter: very good. we have something very special in connection that will be happening on the morning edition on thursday that you're going to want to see. >> all right >> reporter: coach, how are you? >> i'm fine >> reporter: good morning,. >> good morning, marty don. >> >> reporter: here is luther. good morning to you. >> mie aestro, the music if you please. >> reporter: all right. i have to get my twanger. wait a
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second. it's not easy getting down there. manic monday in fells points. we got the cameron lambert foundation ready to rock and roll. it's a memorial day manic monday. >> ♪ 6 o'clock already i was just in the middle of a dream ♪ ♪ i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream ♪ ♪ but i can't be late because then i won't get paid ♪ ♪ these are the days when i wish our bed was already made ♪ ♪ it's just another manic monday. i wish it was sunday. ♪ ♪ that's my fun day ♪
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♪ it's my i don't have to run day. it's just another manic monday ♪ >> reporter: oh, yeah. well done. we want to invite you back for the manic monday melt down in november. give me a second. be nice to me today. guys have a great day, memorial day 2012. we'll see you later. >> thank s a lot. i was looking at the beach from the kite. it's cool. we do it like all winter long. you see people out there, the sea gate open. advertise the season. >> it is. still to come on wjz. >> chance s are when you were a freshman many high school you weren't thinking about cancer, much less developing a test that could prevent it. hear from a
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible. it's 25 past 6:00. now a local scientist has hispanic covered a way to -- discovered a way to diagnosis pan yhat i can cancer. this scientist is 15 years old.
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>> cancer is one of most did difficult to diagnosis. by the time a patient learns they have the disease it's usually too late. jack andreka. >> i'm passionate about science. it's my thing. >> that love of science earned him the grand prize in the intell international science fair for his creation of a test that detects early stage cancer. >> it detects an abnormal protein that you find in the blood when you have panceras cancer. >> he con seeds this idea, executes this idea. the fact that he's 15 makes it more remarkable. >> this year almost 44,000 people will be diagnosed, more than 37,000 will die from the disease. >> i got interested in early detection because back when --
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it's the best chance of treating the cancer. >> the test is 90% accurate and less expensive than other tests. he took home more than $100,000 in prison money which he -- prize money which he said he will put towards college. >> i asked him where he'd like to go after high school. he said he hasn't thought that far ahead. john hopkins is on the list. >> the projects in that protest were evaluated by 1,200 judges. next up this morning. >> i'm live at shock trauma. a home envision, we take you inside with one of the women who was there. >> it's the original good food memorial day food.
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a look at ocean city board walk menu. that story is coming up. >> tropical storm beryl slams into florida. coming up, a wet and windy memorial day for much of the east coast. >> on coffee with, do you ever wonder about the history of baltimore beer. after you hear us discuss it, you will never think of beer the same. coming up, this morning's coffee with is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bottom line here at the bottom of the hour, if you want to travel over the bay bridge going to the beach, it's the time to do it. there's nobody in the lanes there getting in your path. >> it is memorial day. would you say it's observed? >> this is memorial day and
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people -- glsz there you go -- >> there you go. >> people aren't heading home yet. >> most of the world is asleep and aren't thinking of getting in their cars. that shot is empty. >> it was a great looking shot. >> it was . >> i'd like to see the toll booth that empty when i'm going through. let's take a look at temperatures. it's going to be a very -- it's not a bad morning. let's look. 69 right now on tv hill. that is going to be 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we saw skies clear out nicely over night from the showers and thunderstorms that came across the area. no rain today. just as hot and humid feeling. 88 at lunch on a way to a high of 91. the weather is topping the news this half hour, the weather elsewhere. tropical storm beryl is packing powerful wind and drefrming rain and putting a damper on memorial day
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activities to our south. >> tropical storm beryl dumps rain on jacksonville, flr florida. 7 70 mile an hour wind knocked out power and forecasters say the storm surm is higher than expected -- surge is higher than expected. >> this storm has a potential to produce localized flooding, downed trees and power lines that impact public safety. >> a powerful line of thunderstorms rolled think washington dc sunday night forcing the cancellation of the memorial day concert at the national mall. about half way into the show concert goers were advised to leave and seek shelter. in the midwest heat is dominating the holiday weekend. chicago hit a record 98, st. louis hit 93.
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forecasters expect a gradual cooling but before that happens thousands of people will have a wet and windy memorial day. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage and remember wjz is always on for updates on the forecast go to this morning baltimore county police are looking for two men responsible for a home invasion. we're live at shock trauma. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. one of the people who was injured was brought here in critical condition. a woman tells us her terrifying story. >> it's pain. it's hurting bad. i'm scared to death. >> it's been traumatic for this woman named sharon. she asked us not to reveal her last name. she was visiting her daughter's
6:35 am
house when two men busted through the back door shouting. >> baltimore city police, and came running up the steps with a gun and had it on me and her and the one behind him had the knife. >> they stabbed her 28-year-old daughter, amy and shot her daughter's 30-year-old boyfriend justin. sharon says the robers kept asking where's the money and demanded their cell phones. >> i hurried up and called 911. the one with the knife saw me and lunged at me with the knife. my daughter amy got in between us and said you're not stabbing my mother. i think that's how she got stabbed. >> neighbors reported seeing the suspects run out of the house and down the alley into a get away car. she can only describe them as tall, thin african american men. >> all dressed in black with a bandanna and all you could see is this. >> this happened in an area with little kids. >> it makes you think about the
6:36 am
safety for your children. >> it makes me think twice. >> i want them caught so they don't do it to nobody else. >> reporter: police officer s spent the day yesterday canvassing the neighborhood. so far no suspects. >> thank you. at our last check the man who was shot is still in critical condition. his girlfriend was taken to john hopkins with nonlife threatening injuries. in this city a weekend tribute to a 12-year-old shot and killed while on his front porch, family and friends held a vigil for sean johnson. he was killed last may in a case of mistaken identity. last month three arrests were made. am track trains are rolling again through baltimore after major delays yesterday. service was stopped between washington and philadelphia while crews repaired some wires. those repaired stopped the trains for three hours yesterday afternoon. the resulting delays lasted well
6:37 am
into last night. an annual tradition continues, rolling thunder roared into washington dc. thousand offense bikers and their bike -- thousands of bikers and their bikes rolled through to honor their fallen come raids on the eve of memorial day. they gathered with family and friend to support or heros past and present. >> you can -- you can't describe it. you have to live it. being a vet, i can understand it. you see people down here that lost somebody 30 years ago and it's skrus like yesterday. -- just like yesterday. >> it was the 25th anniversary of rolling thunder. thousands of people hitting the beach in ocean city during the holiday weekend. one of the things you do is go out the eat. the resort town has a way of bringing out the food ie in all
6:38 am
of us. >> the ocean city board walk is open for business this holiday weekend. shoppers come for the souvenirs and summer sales. what they can't leave out, the food. >> pizza is really good. >> fresh ers ice cream, doesn't matter. all the stuff for the last 40 years of coming down here. >> the board walk is just three short miles but the mean you goes on and on. >> we have a cheese stake sandwich. >> calories don't count on vacation. >> there are no diets in ocean city. the ocean breaks off all the calories. >> restaurant owners say there's one way to classify the body food on the board walk, childhood misdemeanor ris. >> -- memories. >> republican republican -- republican day apples -- candy apples. >> we're ready. >> that means this will be one sweet holiday weekend.
6:39 am
>> it has plenty of dining options. it has more than 100 raes -- restaurants. six city pools have happened. the hours are from noon to 7th on saturday, 1:00 to 6:00 on sunday and holidays. admission, $1 -- $1.50. nick wallenda has intensified his training. he walked across a cable as wind and water sprayed him. it's in preparation for his walk over niagra falls. this month he walked over the inner harbor for practice and to promote riplies believe it or not. fire workings light up the
6:40 am
night sky in san front celebrating the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the famous span opened in 1937 right in the mist of the great depression. the celebration over night celebrated music, family events and an appearance by an aircraft carrier. more than 2 billion vehicles have closed the bridge in the last 75 years. a new study ranks ball mother among the top areas for parks. easy access is a major factor to get a good review. >> this garden growing is just one of the neighborhood park areas contributing to baltimore standing among ur ban areas. >> they have lots of different amenities from swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, playground equipment, green space, picnic tables, the shade of a tree. >> there are 270 separate park
6:41 am
sites. trust for public land says baltimore ranked 15th out of 40 cities. >> they judged us on how much acreage we had. we were in the middle there. how big our parks were. in general we have a lot of smaller parks compared to other cities. >> baltimore's parks range in size from larger than central park to 1,200 acres. >> the great thing about having so many small locations is they're easily accessible to all city residence denlts. it -- residents. >> accessible was a key factor in the ranking. 85% of the population living in a short walk to a park. many individual neighborhoods put money into the
6:42 am
park system. >> the amount of money a city spend perez accident a low mark. the oriels are no longer on top of the american league after losing two to three to the royals. the game one tied up when the royals would get the lead. the oriels had chance to tie things up in the bottom of the 9th but nick margas gets called out on strikes. they begin a three game series are toronto tonight. yesterday's game was over shadowed by the announcement adam jones signed an a $83 million contract. >> there's a bigger goal, that's winning games. i believe in what they believe in, they believe in winning.
6:43 am
sgltsz -- >> the 6 year deal makes jones the second highest paid center fielder in the league. later today the greyhounds will face out for the la cross championship. they lost to virginia last year. loyoa is the top seed. they were unrank ared coming into the -- unranked coming into the season. >> it's emotional. they're a special group. >> the title game is this afternoon in massachusetts just outside of boston. >> that's a cool story. it's like who to route for. >> technically they're loyola university of m md so you could get -- maryland so you could get away with yelling maryland. >> it's cool though. we're the center of the la cross universe.
6:44 am
we are this year anyway. sgltsz yep. >> -- >> yep. >> it's cool. loyol ashgsa is playing in the championship. maryland, what another great year going in unseeded. >> clawing their way up. >> strong . that is strong. think about it. i want to take a look at the day part then the doppler. it's going to be a hot one. heat advisories up the 95 core door. 88 at lunch. a high of 91. 88 this evening. that's one story, the heat. second story on first warning doppler weather radar. that is tropical storm beryl. she's kind of turning away over jacksonville, florida. the question is, is she's going to play into your weather?
6:45 am
not really. i'll explain why. >> come ing up on -- coming up on coffee with. that's rob kas per. one of the more respected food observers. the baltimore guy put together a book of heavy local interests about baltimore beer. >> goes back a long way. >> just a neat coffee with. we have wjz's morning edition continuing right after this. ,, dad look, you can get eggs, bacon and pancakes for $4. umm. in my day, you get eggs, bacon and pancakes, and it only cost you $4. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 tasty choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. (bell ringshi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really?
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roar! alright, what do lions eat? good morning. welcome to the show. it's almost 70 now with 90% humidity. western maryland, which will be oakland, cumberland, low 70s. on this display, low 70s at kent island and rock hall. 68 westminster. we had the thunderstorms move through last night.
6:49 am
today a calm day. as the cold front moves our way, this gets offshore. thavrs going to -- that is going to block beryl out of the mid atlantic. generally speaking, the models are starting to trend out the sea and that's pretty much going to be the news. this day we're going for a high of 9. -- 91. over night down to about 69, 70. tomorrow 8 9, thunderstorms, that's going to be that cold front coming through. 88 wednesday. 80 thursday, 76 friday, 85 saturday. i think we may end up having some showers once we get friday night into saturday morning. >> got you. >> okay . this morning's coffee where is a good one. it's with rob casper.
6:50 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, rob casper. welcome. how many years were you with the sun? >> almost 35 yours and took out a buy out in september to write this book. >> you are a baltimore institution. >> crumbling institution. >> no , no, no. >> you should see my knees. >> age ing. you have enough of a history in baltimore that you can talk about beer in terms of what it has meant to baltimore, what it currently means to baltimore and now with all the brews what they're doing at white marsh and how it continues to be part of baltimore's culture. >> that's right. when i started doing this book i realized there are two or three things that -- what i think makes baltimore, baltimore that i saw in the breweries. one of the thing is family. families matter in baltimore.
6:51 am
you can't say anything bad about anybody because they may be related. you look at the history of breweries, from the first one in 1748, the gun thers and now with the may crow brews -- micro brews, you have olivers. that family is still -- that family tie is still very strong. the other thing fierce sense of loyalty. baltimore can have -- it make take a while to warm up to you, but when they warm up they stick. that's true with the beer as well. >> in the old days beer did not travel well far so you had to drink it close to where it was made. >> that's exactly right. that's why -- initially before world war one, baltimore had 48
6:52 am
breweries. >> that is incredible. >> many of them were small. >> we call those micro brewer ris today. >> actually in high land town people -- they say people were brewing in their basement and pushed the beer out the window that came through. i haven't been able to ver -- verify that. it seems like a reasonable story. >> let me -- as i've already mentioned to the audience, i don't mean to be the food critic or food writer for the sun, you've been read in chicago, la, new york. as someone with knowledgeable taste buds, how is that baltimore beer? is it good? >> it's very good. there was a terrific brewer ri, one of my
6:53 am
faith baltimore brewing -- favorite baltimore brewing companies that made a terrific beer. two of the guys who learned their craft at baltimore brewing company went up to victory in pennsylvania and make the -- that. we have verying very good beer -- we have very, very good beer. they prizes and medals. >> you should know if you're not into beer you have ails, pills ners and loggers. ails is more bitter, pills ners more softer and hardy if you will and then the -- then you have the pills ner in between. grandsons it's a log -- >> it's a logger but has that bitter finish. the older i get the more i like bitter things. imagine that. it's really interesting. >> i helped judge beer for ball mother magazine. they did it right. we had an entire night.
6:54 am
we had an education in beer and how they taste. our time here on the air has run short. we're taking this on to the internet ♪
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. here comes an update from marty. >> let's take a look at the forecast today. almost 70 going for a high of 91. it's going to be partly sunny, hot and humid. unlike yesterday, don't expect to see thunderstorms around later. partly cloudy, mild 6 # -- 69 tonight. tomorrow a high of 89. >> stay with wjz 13. complete news and weather still ahead. the string slump, should the president -- spring slump, should the president be worried about his fall in the polls. a ♪
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